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Prosolution Plus Doctor's Review

ProSolution Plus has been estimated by Vedic Lifesciences and there are scientific proofs that inhibiting Rho-kinase protein can improve blood flow to the genitals.


An erection occurs when Myosin Phosphatase (MP) acts by relaxing the smooth muscle cells in the penis. This stimulates blood to flow to the penis and decreases its outflow. However, when the Rho-kinase protein blocks the work of MP, it prevents the relaxation of the blood and blocks erections.


This is a reason why scientists believe that Rho-kinase inhibitors can treat erectile dysfunction in men. They will allow MP to carry out its function and enhance erections.


Study Results: Thus, Vedic Lifesciences has determined that 1,300 mg of a ProSolution Plus contains an adequate Rho-Kinase II inhibition potential to ensure the MP activity and healthy erections. This means the longer you take two pills a day, the greater improvement potential you get. And this is how your erections become, firmer, harder, and longer-lasting.


So, by purchasing the ProSolution Plus system, you receive:


  • A doctor-recommended product;
  • An all-natural, safe and powerful supplement;
  • A thoroughly designed and effective exercise routine;
  • No side effects and health risks;
  • No embarrassing visits to clinics (it’s prescription-free)


The supplement is manufactured in the cGMP certified laboratory and has been endorsed by thousands of customers who now live their full sex lives.


Dr. Karen Vieira, Philosophy Doctor, Master of Science in Management: Any man who has ever experienced low libido and sexual performance knows how it is disappointing when your ideal time doesn’t work for you. This causes embarrassment, worrying, anxiety, and stress. The men are afraid of failing to satisfy their partners in the bedroom. The lack of sexual and physical strength can lead to problems in other areas of your life: psychological disorders (like depression), intimacy and family issues and etc. Therefore, the men require a formula that can promote their vigor and, thus, improve self-confidence. 


ProSolution Plus is a breakthrough formula for men who long for fantastic performance and unbelievable orgasms in bed. They are safe and effective as contain the top-quality herbs that have been approved to make erections thicker, larger and longer lasting, enhance stamina and energy and achieve more explosive and multiple climaxes.  


ProSolution Plus can ensure such high effects as its formula is a blend of potent herbs that all together enhance overall sexual health: Butea Superba improves sexual vigor and performance; Ginseng relieves stress and relaxes nervous system; Bladderwrack decreases excess estrogen and boosts sexual desire; Drilizen stimulates higher nitric oxide levels and strengthens erections; Apigenin and Amla keep blood vessels healthy; Solidinin increases sexual motivation and stimulation.


The ProSolution Plus formula is a unique all-healing sexual enhancement supplement that addresses blood circulation and flows, libido, hormone balance, and the nervous system – it addresses every part of the male reproductive system with no side effects. I do recommend the formula for men who want to revive their sex lives by optimizing sex drive, restoring erections and increasing self-confidence.


G. Alexander, Medical Herbalist, M.I.H: ProSolution Plus and its products are one of my favorite male enhancement products and one of a few systems that I would recommend to patients.


Within the years of my experience as a medical herbalist, I have seen hundreds of men who were unsuccessfully looking for a wonder to help them get rid of sexual problems.


ProSolution Plus has revolutionized the male enhancement industry and makes my patient's sex lives completely different and happy. My patients report higher libido, energy, self-confidence, and overall well-being. That’s why I love this system and prescribe it to men who need a powerful solution. I am glad to endorse and recommend the ProSolution Plus system. 



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